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Barriers of Wind Power Energy Adoption in Georgia

Ministry of Energy of Georgia gives information about technical conditions to investors interested in constructing wind power stations and warns about the capacity Georgian electric system has at present.

For example, this memorandum concerns LLC Pirveli Wind, which presented investment proposals at the ministry about implementation of 140 megawatt wind power station projects, technical-economic research works, construction, ownership and operating it.

“We should note that considering up-to-date technological capacity, Georgian electric system can’t provide integration of wind power stations in the network without creating proper spare capacity and therefore, we believe it is only adequate reaction to demand considering capacity of integrating wind power stations in the network according to amount of years.”

According to Deputy Minister of Energy, Mariam Valishvili, on the one hand, the wind is renewable and clean energy source; on the other hand, it is unstable and requires reserve to be able to provide uninterrupted supply.

Kartli Wind Power Station has been switched to qualified enterprise from testing regime since 27th of January. Its total capacity equals to 20 megawatt.