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Anaklia City to Cooperate with the Largest Free Economic Zone

Anaklia City begins to cooperate with Incheon Free Economic Zone. The South Korean Incheon Free Economic Zone is one of the largest and most advanced in the world.

Incheon zones developed on 3,000 since 2003, and it is planned to complete all its phases in 2020.Leading multinational companies in the world are engaged in various directions, including: biotechnology, information technology, industrial directions, -Keti Bochorishvili, Head of Anaklia City, tells the details at Business Course.

What does this collaboration include and what kind of experience was shared in the Republic of Korea?

Anaklia City “is one of the largest and most important projects not only for our country, but for the region as it is one of the major players of Georgia through the project to become one of the main players along the Silk Road, which will bring great opportunities to Georgia and many business directions will be interested in creating this infrastructure. From the signing of the investment agreement, many pre-production work has been made, which is crucial for the planning and implementation of the port. Leading international companies and experts were actively involved in preparing an environmental impact document that is comprehensive and important for the project. Planning and detailed engineering is also important. Our operator is a leading American company, SSA Marine, which is a good guide for port management. All prerequisites are that the company will begin construction in the nearest future. As for the special economic zone of Anaklia, along with the construction of the port, it is important to develop the surrounding area, which will give the opportunity to many industries and businesses to take advantage of the infrastructure.

Do events develop according to plan?

We explored successful zones in the world and maximized Georgia’s competitive environment. One of the distinguished features that has been created recently in Korea is the Incheon Industrial Zone, with which we started collaborations to share their experience in different directions. The similarity is the same as our ambition is to create an industrial city based on “smart” and green principles. They have the same principles and we have achieved an agreements with them to connect us with their clients and companies in order to create satellite base in Georgia and the region. Korean sides visit is not planned in the nearest future, although their interest has been increased. We are following step by step- Anaklia will develop, infrastructure projects are about to start. The minister also noted that the railway and road will be constructed, which will be integrated with the port and the zones. Accordingly, we will have several successful Korean companies by 2020-2021.

Tell us about an operator, you’ve announced international competition, as we know it has completed and selection is underway…

– We announced the competition, which envisages the development of the special economic zone concept and master-plan of Anaklia. We invited almost all major companies that are experienced in similar fields from Korea, Singapore, Japan, USA, Europe and nearly twenty of them sent us  reliable, reputable proposal. The experts will make a decision over the next two weeks, and we will develop a concrete concept and plan through these tested experts, which is absolutely relevant to the current trends that I have already mentioned. Green economy principles and technically smart principles, and of course our main task is to attract international companies. The project will be for local companies, but our goal is to use the potential for business environment, trade regime and new infrastructure.