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Allocations for Municipalities to Rise by 107 million GEL in 2019

Under the new formulation, the 2019 allocations for municipalities will increase by 107 million GEL as compared to 2018, the parliament’s majority MP Zaza Gabunia said.

When talking about decentralization reforms, fiscal decentralization is one of the important directions, he added. Civil engagement is of crucial importance to resolve everyday life problems, Zaza Gabunia said.

“Iin this respect additional minutes of European Charter is our initiative, under which Georgia will join one big European document in self-government issues. It is important that in the document we have a program, which will simplify civil engagement in the decision-making process.

I would like to note that the Village Support Program will be restored. This is very important program for improving the tasks that I have talked about now so as our citizens decide how to develop, how to improve the environment. This is the key accent in the 2019 state budget”, Zaza Gabunia noted.

Self-government committees have asked for growing gasification funds in 2019-2022. The committees prioritize to restore and rehabilitate the water supply infrastructure, he added.

“It is also important to diversify the Solid Waster Management program. In this respect the 2019 state budget will allocate 41 million GEL, up twicer compared to the 2018 budget”, Gabunia noted.

The 2019 state budget will also focus on construction and rehabilitation of school and pre-school facilities and allocate 120 million GEL”, Zaza Gabunia noted.