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Adjara’s 2018 Budget to Increase by 44.88mln GEL

Forecast revenues of the Adjara Autonomous Republic’s budget was determined by 351mln GEL, up 44.800mln GEL as compared to the 2017 revenues.

Ajara Government officials told the Commersant that on October 30, 2017 the Adjara government meeting was held led by Zurab Pataradze, Adjara Autonomous Republic government chairman. The agenda included three topics:

Report on the January to September budget fulfillment:

“The bill on the 2018 budget of Adjara Autonomous Republic and the 2018-2021 priorities document of Adjara Autonomous Republic. Prior to discussing the agenda issues, the government chairman congratulated the cabinet of minsters, heads of subdivisions and attending journalists on the democratic and free elections that was recently held in the country and thanked reports for unbiased coverage.

Zurab Pataradze discussed the priority issues that are reflected in the 2018 budget. He made emphasis on growing budget for tourism and road infrastructure directions. The Ajara Government chairman talked about mega projects that are being implemented in Ajara.

WE have launched the highland Adjara gasification project. The Kobuleti-Batumi bypass road construction works will be finished soon. The bypass road connecting Gonio and Makho bridges is being also constructed. We have announced tender for constructing a stadium. In the near future, we will launch construction of Batumi overpass that will considerably discharge road traffic at the entrance of the city, he said.