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2018 State Budget Allocations for Ministries

Ministry of Finance of Georgia published the 2018 state budget bill, under which total budget expenditures will rise by 949mln GEL as compared to 2017.

Major growth in budget funding is provided for Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure – 572mln GEL. The funds will be mainly spent on road infrastructure improvement. Health Ministry is second with 111mln GEL upturn with focus on healthcare projects. Pensions and social assistance programs do not grow.

State budget allocations will considerably increase to Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sports and Youth, Interior Ministry and Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection.

Funding of Georgian Public Broadcaster will rise by 6mln GEL, while funding of State Security Service will increase by 5mln GEL.

At the same time, budget allocations for Ministry of Economy and Defense Ministry will considerably decrease. Economy Ministry funding will decline by 116mln GEL mainly  as a result of completion of buying off land plots at Anaklia Seaport.

Chart: offices with major changes in budget fundings, in millions of GEL.

Offices 2017 2018 Difference
Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure 1258 1830 572
Ministry of Health 3416 3527 111
Ministry of Education and Science 1116 1179 63
Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs 137 166 29
Interior Ministry 585 605 20
Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection 100 117 17
Ministry of Forcibly Displaced Persons, Accommodation and Refugees 85 96 11
Ministry of Agriculture 258 266 8
Ministry of Protection of Environment and Natural Resources 36 43 7
Central Election Commission of Georgia 60.5 67 6.5
Ministry of Corrections 139 145 6
Georgian Public Broadcaster 46 52 6
State Security Service 118 123 5
Ministry of Defense 748 702 -46
Ministry of Economy 370 254 -116