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22 Year-Old Anano Vekua is the First Georgian Winemaker in South Africa

”Recently, Agricultural University of Georgia student, Anano Vekua became the first Georgian winemaker girl in South Africa,”- On.ge reports. ”I’ve always liked the idea of producing wine. My sister recommended me to attend Agrarian University’s presentation, where I realized I felt extremely free.  wine making-viticulture sounded very interesting, where I could …

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Official January’s Data: Wine Export Growing

According to official data, in January 2018 Georgia exported 5.12 mn bottles of wine to 24 countries, that is 18% higher than last year. In total 11.4 mn USD worth of wine was exported, that is 31% higher than last year. Export growth is remarkable in the following countries: Japan …

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Head of Badagoni Rejected Accusations

Two plants of Badagoni wine company suspended operation on February 7, after the investigators from the Ministry of Finance showed up at the company headquarters in the morning. Officers of Investigation Service of Finance Ministry are studying financial documentation in the framework of a criminal case involving the misappropriation of …

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The Pataridzes’ Rachuli Goes On Sale in USA

Pataridze Rachuli

The Pataridzes’ Rachuli, exclusive wine made at the Pataridzes’ family wine cellar, are sold in California and New York, the USA. The company founder Shorena Pataridze told BM.GE that they have inherited winemaking technology form grandfather, who was winegrower and used to make traditional semisweet Khvanchkara. Descendants have enriched the …

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Presentation of Qvevri Wine Held in The Cities of France

In several cities of France, wine professionals, media and business representatives got acquainted with the Qvevri wine and Georgian wine culture. With the support of the National Wine Agency, Qvevri wine producers participated in the exhibition of natural wines – “Les Penitentes” in Anzhe and “La Dive Boutteille” in Saumur. …

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Wine Export Growth Was Fixed in The Beginning of The Year

According to the LEPL National Wine Agency of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, in January 2018, 5,12 mil. bottles (0,75l) of wine have been exported to 24 countries worldwide, that is 18% higher than the similar data of the last year. Totally, 11,4 mil. USD worth of wine have …

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Electronic Certification System Launched for Winemakers

National Wine Agency has launched an electronic certification system, which is to alleviate certification procedures. Winemakers will fill out declaration and statement by the internet and will have to visit the agency for only taking certificates. The agency director Giorgi Samanishvili noted at the meeting with winemakers that winemaking companies …

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