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Dry Shampoo- a Product Two Friends Discovered in Europe

Young programists, Iulia Tvalabeishvili and Tamta Kirtadze found out about dry shampoo in Europe and they discovered that it does not exist on Georgia market. That’s why they decided to introduce it to Georgian customers and created their own start up. Tell us about your start up, what kind of …

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CiDA Funds Heretiskari Village for Business Development

Following our visit to Samtaskaro, as described in the previous article, we drove to the village Heretiskari located in the Lagodekhi district. Similarly to the Samtatskaro village, the villagers residing in Heretiskari were provided with similar grant opportunities from the Civil Development Agency (CiDA). Heretiskari harbors 130 families. In comparison to Samtatskaro, …

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Ketevan Saqareli – Jewelry Brand Revitalizing Petre Otskheli Works

Ketevan Saqareli is an author jewelry brand and runs under trademark of KS for about one year. The brand unites several collections, including works created by inspiration of Georgian modernist painter Petre Otskheli. In her interview with the Marketer Ketevan Saqareli, the trademark founder, talks about the brand details, manufacturing …

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Paprika – the Shop for Natural Georgian Products

”Paprika” is a shop for natural Georgian products and it was opened on 7th of October, 2016. There are various organic products from different Georgian regions, which are sold in the market. The founder of the shopt, Salome Simonia tells us more details about “Paprika”. Tell us about “Paprika”, what …

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How Three Students Created Successful Business of Cleaning Service


A company Problem Killer, founded by three students is operating for the one year already. A company offers it’s clients sanitary and cleaning services for corporate and private customers. BusinessPressNews talked with one of the founders Irakli Ambroladze about their startup and future plans. “Problem killer is sanitary service provider …

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Cooperative KONA Success Story

Herbal tea

Herbal Tea Business – Start-up with a Handful of Seeds and New Georgian product, which is both tasty and useful: Oxfam representatives visited Natalia Partskhaladze, one of the representatives of cooperative “Kona”, who was leading the demonstration event devoted to production of herbal tea together with other members of the cooperative …

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New Pipe Bar- Family Business Offering Pipes and Bongs Online

As Georgia welcomes a variety of nations into its borders, it becomes a country of exciting cultural integration. In this interview with Irina Papashvili, she discusses Pipe Bar- a recently developed family business offering a variety of uniquely designed pipes and bongs. The products are offered through an online store, …

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Millimetre LL to Design and Create Customized Clocks for Your Walls


Targeting a unique niche segment, Lasha Kvartskhava and Lana Chakvetadze elaborate on their newly established enterprise offering intricately hand-crafted clocks to its customers. The services include a collaboration of consumer ideas and the creativity of the working architects to create a foundation for creating unique designs for their products. Please, …

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Spy Recipe- Georgian “Spy” in your Kitchen

Spy Recipe is a family business, which creates ecologically clean, special spices for particular dishes. The package is in English, Russian and Jewish, which makes it easier to prepare Georgian dishes. The founder of business, Mako Kavtaradze will talk about how she started the business with her family and how …

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Tesla Toys: New Player on Georgian Digital Market


Company Tesla Toys is a new player of mobile applications and IT project market in Georgia. The company was founded by few friends. Director of Tesla Toys Jaba Bokuchava talked with Marketer.ge about their startup and future goals. What does Tesla Toys mean and what is the main goal of the company? The goal …

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