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Ice N Rolls – Ice Cream with Churchkhela and Kvanchkara Flavour


Ice ‘N Rolls is an ice-cream made with Tai techniques which appeared in Tbilisi, recently. In spite of using Tai technique, the flavour of the ice-cream is Georgian. As one of the founders of the company, Nika Chugoshvili says that he and his friend discovered Tai ice-cream in the internet and …

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Georgian Furniture Underground Opens


Four different companies opened Georgian Furniture Underground together at Galaktion Tabidze 3/5. Customers will have an access to ecologically clean furniture and different details of interior which are made in Georgia. There will be production of 16 Georgian companies presented to sell. All companies have different pricing policy but there are enough choices …

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Luggage Storage Tbilisi- Startup of Two Georgian Friends


Keeping your luggage in Tbilisi is a problem, since it is only possible to leave your bags at the airports, train station and different hotels only in case you have already used their other services. Two Georgian friends, Saba Odisharia and Avtandili Gegenava decided to open Luggage Storage Tbilisi to handle this …

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Aiisa – The First Condom Brand Launched in Georgia


 Aiisa is a Georgian brand of condoms. The author of startup idea is Anania Gachechiladze who declared that she came up with this idea considering there are not many choices for this product at the market and there is a gap between demand and supply. The author of the idea …

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Natalie’s Bookmarks For Book Lovers


Natalie’s Bookmarks  became available for book lovers a week ago. The slogan of startup is “Don’t fold it, use a bookmark”. You can already buy bookmarks in 10 Biblus shops. The founder of the startup, Natali Enukidze talks about the future plans and development strategies in the interview. Why did …

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Vinti- Startup Georgia Winner Project for International Transportation


Company Vinti was established to provide simpler and more effective communication for those, involved in international transportation.  In 2016, Iva Kontridze, Davit Chkuaseli, Tengiz Alpenidze and Mindia Chubinidze were granted with 67000 GEL to implement the project. Vinti application offers high technology services to customers and enables them to contact people involved …

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Spy Recipe – Family Business of Georgian Spices


Maiko Kavtaradze is a young entrepreneur who creates the mixture of ecologically clean spices for different dishes. Spy recipe is a small family business. She makes six different kinds of spices for Georgian dishes according to her mother’s recipe. Spices are branded and packed. One of the family members, Maiko’s …

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Natasha – Hand-made Knitted Bra Startup by Georgian Journalist


 Hand-made Knitted Bra brand, Natasha was launched two months ago. The founder of the startup is Imedi Morning journalist, Nata Tabidze. The founder talks about the challenges, advantages and startup development plans with Marketer. How did you come up with an idea to create your brand and why did you choose to …

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Edison Co – Georgian Students Created Door to Connect Europe


As a result of a marketing demand, Edison.ge was founded by Free University students and it offers software and hardware services to businesses and physical persons. The company was established a year ago and has implemented more than 60 projects. One of founders, Givi Beridze talks about the new initiative …

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Quartz Georgian Natural Cosmetics –Startup of Mother and Daughter


Quartz-Natural Cosmetics is a joint startup of natural cosmetics which belongs to mother and daughter Tamar Kvartskhava and Keto Baratashvili. Tamar who is a pharmacy technician is completely in charge of cream making process. As for marketing and selling the production, her daughter Keto decides how to deliver the product to …

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