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Dutch-Georgian startup launches innovative agriculture app Traktor


The country of Georgia is developing fast. With many young and creative English-speaking people, a friendly business climate and a favorable tax system, the country is gaining increasing attention of investors and sees a remarkable growth in the number of startups. However, the majority of the population (about 53%) is …

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How Gift Idea Became a Business


Gultatmani is a knitted items brand which appeared on the market not so long time ago. The idea Mariam Morchiladze came up with to buy a special gift turned into a small startup. She tells more about it. Tell us about you, when did you create your company, who established …

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Wooden Purses Georgian Brand Populus to Open the Shop


Wooden purses Georgian brand Populus will open the shop – one of the authors of “Women’s narratives”, Mariam Sordia declared that the big interest towards design inspired her to start a business. The first capital, which two students used to start a business, amounted to 300 GEL. Populus wooden bags …

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Plant Shop: Georgian Friend’s Green Startup

Plant Shop

Plant Shop, a new Georgian startup store of plants and landscape architecture, launched operation on December 24, 2016. The idea was implemented by four friends: Parna Marghania and Nino Shengelia – architects of the landscape, Aka Gelashvili – financier and Herman Sabo – copywriter. Marketer.ge has interviewed Parna Marghania about …

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Ivy Design- Vintage Startup of Friends


While being interviewed, the designer of Ivy Design  , Mashka Davlianidze admitted that she came up with an idea to name the brand Ivy Design,because her favorite period in art is modernism and Ivy is the symbol of it. The friends basically work on wood to make Ivy Design the way it …

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Georgian Children to Start Producing Soaps


Georgian children will start producing soaps. The product has already been made as the first sample for the competition “Diamond Challenge”. The author of business idea, freshman student, Mariam Nozadze declared that she is going to the US with her group to attend world’s young entrepreneur’s competition. I came up …

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Les Mains- Unique Hand-made Postcards


Les Mains  is a Georgian startup, which offers hand-made postcards to its customers. The name is French and it means hands.  Startup was founded by two friends, Mariam Garsevanishvili and Tsitsi Mshvenieridze. Their idea was to create unique postcards, which would make an impression on the receiver. When and why …

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Moqarguli-Startup of Personalized Embroidered Gifts


You may all have tried to embroider something on the desk , the name of your favorite band or your favorite quote, or we have given a shirt to our loved ones with embroidered hearts on it…The company Moqarguli appeared on the market since November, 2016 and it gives customers …

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Lamazia- Georgian Startup of Warm Clothes


“3 Children can make a big change for any “well-planned” scenario but at the same time it pushes you to develop more and be open to challenges and become aware that nothing is impossible. All it comes to in the end is the motivation and wish to do it. Tamar …

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Hand-Made Chocolate On the Georgian Market


A new, hand-made chocolate appeared on Georgian market. The idea of chocolate business belongs to 3 friends Nino Totladze, Irma Mesabishvili and Tamar Kakushadze and they came up with an idea during their trip few years ago. They started the business in 2016 and appeared on the market this year. …

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