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Leo McKenna: Tbilisi Clinics Rehabilitation Project Accounts for 250 million

AlphaMedic plans to invest about 250 mln GEL in rehabilitating three clinics in Tbilisi, namely, Tbilisi Children’s Infectious Clinic Hospital, the former Republican Hospital and the Universal Medical Center (the former Oncology Center). Under the medical clinics development project, three companies had submitted proposals for the government-announced tender. However, only AlphaMedic …

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David Saganelidze: Launch of New Pharmaceutical Plant will Half Drug Cost


Executive director of Partnership Fund regards that launch of new pharmaceutical plant will half drug cost. David Saganelidze has declared during the submission of development project of medical clinics by AlphaMedic Consortium. “The fund has successfully started a project, which envisages medical price reduction. The population has already noticed that …

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Prices on Medicines will fall at least by 30%

In the upcoming period the prices on medicines are expected to fall at least by 30%. David Saganelidze the executive director of the Partnership Fund noted that as soon as the pharmaceutical factory sets in motion, this fact will have a significant effect on the price of the medicines, which is …

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Leo McKenna: Project will Improve Health Services in Tbilisi

AlphaMedic Consortium plans to invest about 250 million GEL in rehabilitating three hospitals in Tbilisi, namely, Tbilisi Children’s Infectious Clinic Hospital, the former Republican Hospital and the Universal Medical Center (the former oncology center). As part of the medical clinics development project, three companies had submitted applications for the Government-announced tender. However, …

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Humanity- Georgia Gives Humanitarian Aid to Medical Center of Georgian Patriarchate

The medical center of the Georgian Patriarchate has received a humanitarian aid from Humanity Georgia. Namely, the company has transmitted cardiologic and antibiotic drugs to patients of the Patriarchate’s medical center. Top-quality medications imported by Humanity Georgia will soon appear at the contractor pharmaceutical networks in the near future. Before, …

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Economist: Government Should Encourage Creating Competition on Pharmaceutical Market

pharmaceutical companies claim that the market is in crisis which is reflected on their profits. However recently new pharma company Humanity-Georgia entered the market. Soon products will appear in Georgia.   There may be two reasons why pharmaceutical companies are dissatisfied: First reason is currency devaluation, as we know these companies are dependent on foreign …

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Social Survey-Campaign – What Hurts?

What hurts?

The social survey-campaign “What Hurts?” was held for Georgian citizens near the Rustaveli and Akhmeteli underground stations in order to outline the current needs in the healthcare sector. Special questionnaires were offered to the citizens for filing it and expressing their position on the current problems and needs in the …

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Georgian Pharmaceutical Companies About Anti-Crisis Plan

Georgian pharmaceutical companies talk about the reasons of dramatic increase of drug prices. “We do not want drug prices to rise, but at the same time it is hard to maintain the company in such conditions, company can hardly exist without any profit,”Founder of Aversi Paata Kurtanidze said. According to pharmaceutical …

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Jean-Elie Malkin: Reaction Showed By the Ministry of Healthcare Towards Virus Was An Expression of Good Management

Jean-Elie Malkin

Jean-Elie Malkin, president of the international consulting company Global Alliance, which supports Georgian Government in implementing several healthcare reforms in the country, made a few comments on the H1N1 virus. For the past couple of months, the Georgian Health Ministry and Global Alliance have been zealously cooperating for the Georgian Health …

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