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First Time in Georgia: Bone Marrow Transplant in Now Available

First time in Georgia, Bone Marrow transplantation procedure will be available at Ingorokva clinic’s latest hospital. New high-tech outpatient clinic, combines bone marrow transplant center, blood bank, radiation therapy and diagnostic departments. Clinic also launched Pediatric department, children’s and baby oncology ambulance. A bone marrow transplant is a procedure that replaces …

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Prospect of Shorter Treatment and Cure for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Although targeted drugs like Gleevec have revolutionized the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), patients generally must take them for the rest of their lives and may cease benefiting from them over time. In new research that could suggest a road to a cure, scientists at Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Cancer Institute …

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David Sergeenko Selected s a Member of WHO Executive Board

Georgia’s health minister David Sergeenko has been selected as a member of World Health Organization’s executive board. The Executive Board is composed of 34 individuals technically qualified in the field of health, each one designated by a Member State elected to do so by the World Health Assembly. Member States …

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Mortality and Causes of Death: 2015 and 2030 (Infographics)

This infographic displays data from the World Health Organization’s “Projections of mortality and causes of death, 2015 and 2030”. The report details all deaths in 2015 by cause and makes predictions for 2030, giving an impression of how global health will develop over the next 14 years. Also featured is …

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Georgia Healthcare Launches Ambulatory Service Clluster in Tbilisi


Medical insurance and healthcare provider Georgia Healthcare launched a new ambulatory service cluster on Wednesday in Tbilisi. The Cluster, located in the Didube neighbourhood covering a population of about 140,000, will provide a wide range of outpatient services, including general practitioner and specialist physician consultations, imaging and functional diagnostics, as …

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July Records Slight Contraction in Price of Medications of Cardiology Group

The Healthcare Platform continues monitoring of medications of cardiology group as part of the Pharma Monitoring project. Jointly with the Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen (AYFB), the Healthcare Platform has explored 19 medications and identified that in July, as compared to June, the price of medications of cardiology group …

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Proparco to fund Evex $25 mln

Proparco to fund Evex $ 25 mln

Georgia Healthcare Group PLC (the “Group” or “GHG”) announces that its healthcare services business subsidiary (“Evex”), the leading private healthcare service provider in Georgia, and the European Development Financial Institution, Société de Promotion et de Participation pour la Coopération Economique (“Proparco”) have signed a US$ 25 million loan agreement. The …

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Israel Country, Where Health Insurance is Mandatory for All Citizens

Georgia launched the universal health program in 2013. The program financing amount grows year by year, but representatives of opposition parties frequently criticize this program. They urge the government to change the program purpose and determine the list of services clearer. Most frequently, opponents suggest the ruling team to activate …

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New Diagnostic Center Opens in Tbilisi

Diagnostic center

Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania, jointly with Nika Gamkrelidze, director general for Evex medical corporation and Deputy Health Minister Valeri Kvaratskhelia, attended the inauguration of a new diagnostic center in the former building of LechKombinati, on Kavtaradze Street N23. “It is of crucial importance for me that Tbilisi residents and all …

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