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Summertime Snapshots From Georgia

Georgia’s stunning beauty has been captured in time by amateur photographers. International online media outlet gbtimes collated several images of Georgia in the summer and published them under one album, Summertime snapshots from Georgia.

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Almost 30,000 High Schoolers Gain University Entrance in Georgia

The future of Georgia lies in the thousands of students who achieved university entrance in the country’s national exams. Results of the National Exams for higher education were released today by Georgia’s National Assessment and Examination Centre (NAEC).  The results revealed 39,000 high school students participated in the university entrance …

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Restoration of Ancient Cave City Vardzia Will End Soon


Georgia’s ancient cave city Vardzia’s restoration is ending, and sooner  historic monument will be opened.  The 12-13th Century cave city in southern Georgia is being renovated under an international program that’s being co-financed by the Government of Georgia and UK-based financing company Jackson Fund. The restoration project’s leader and UNESCO expert …

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Azerbaijani, Georgian Customs Services Agree on Information Exchange

The Azerbaijani and Georgian customs services signed a document in the field of technical support for an information exchange system, the Azerbaijani State Customs Committee said August 25. The representatives of the Azerbaijani and Georgian customs services met in Tbilisi August 24, the statement said. During the meeting, the participants …

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UN to Receive Wine-Making Qvevri From Georgia

A piece of Georgian culture and tradition is going on show at the United Nations Geneva office to mark the organisation’s 70th anniversary. In 2013, Georgia’s unique traditional method of fermenting wine in qvevri was registered on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list of United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organisation …

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Ancient Roman Barracks Found in Gonio Fortress


Archaeological excavations are coming to an end at a historical castle in western Georgia that earlier revealed some ancient treasures. Roman barracks were unearthed in the final stage of excavations at Gonio Fortress, located in Gonio at the southwestern tip of Georgia on the Turkish border. Yesterday Georgia’s Minister of …

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Georgia Increases Import of Petroleum Products From Azerbaijan

Georgia imported 150,100 metric tons of oil and petroleum products worth $79.39 million from Azerbaijan in Jan.-July of 2015, GeoStat (Georgia’s national statistics office) said in its report on the first seven months of 2015. Oil and petroleum products supplies from Azerbaijani to Georgia in Jan.-July, accounted for 21.4 percent …

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Georgia PM to Attend Anniversary of 120-Year-Old Synagogue

The prime minister of Georgia is set to attend the anniversary of the country’s oldest functioning synagogue, leaders of Georgia’s Jewish community said, per the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The ceremony will take place in Oni, a city located on a mountain ridge 120 miles northwest of the capital Tbilisi, on …

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40 Days Left Before WELCOME TO GEORGIA! National Tourism Awards

CBW is glad to announce that we are media partners of the First Annual National Tourism Awards Welcome to Georgia! Ceremony will take place at the Funicular Restaurant Complex Tbilisi on November 20th, 2015. Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Award will celebrate the diversity of the country’s locations and destinations. Therefore the …

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L’oreal Invites Georgian Model to Paris

Georgian model Ana Akhvlediani may soon become the latest ambassador of international beauty giant L’Oreal Paris and join the inspiring team of actresses, models and women who front the brand. President of L’Oreal Paris Cyril Chapuy publicly invited 19-year-old Akhvlediani to Paris via his official Instagram page. “In a Summer …

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CNN Shows Tbilisi’s New Cultural Scene


CNN has created a video reportage about Georgia’s Capilat city Tbilisi’s new cultural scene. It’s full of different parts of the culture scene, such as graffiti street art, the Georgian National Ballet, fashion and at the end Georgian cinematography. The CNN video reportage shows DC.Love, who is one of the …

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New York Times features East Village Toné-Café in its Article

This is slow food recast as fast food, New York Times writes about the Georgian Toné-Café that opened in East Village this April, and is the offshoot of the same café located in Brooklyn, where many Georgians and post-Soviet population lives today. The restaurant is the first of its kind, …

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