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Different Georgia: Pablo Ferrari Captures Amazing Moments

Different Georgia: Pablo Ferrari Captures Amazing Photographs of Georgia

Argentinian Photographer and Digital Artist Based in Tbilisi Pablo Ferrari, captures amazing photos of Georgia. Photographer travels to Georgia and tries to show the best of Georgia. Photos are breathtaking and reflect the real Georgia and its capital city Tbilisi, photographs are like paintings and mostly show Georgian culture and …

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Bright Side: Take Me To Georgia (Gallery)


Now Georgia’s turn! famous blog Bright Side which enjoys 4 million visitors a day makes bucket list of countries they offer to visit, category is named “Take me to”. In this small and wonderful country, you can find happiness at any time of the year here. In fact, you can find everything in Georgia. In a few …

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Blogger Captures Amazing Pictures of Batumi

Blogger Alexander Lapshin tells his incredible new year, which he spent in Georgian seaside town Batumi. This year on December 31, surprisingly town covered with snow, Batumi is exceptionally attractive seaside of Georgia however winter is even more beautiful. Blogger share his impressions and tells how wonderful new year was.

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World Aids day 2015- In Pictures

People gathered around the globe, bearing red ribbons and burning candles to show support and raise awareness on World Aids Day 2015. Tuesday 1 December 201515.44 GMTLast modified on Tuesday 1 December 2015 A student pauses to reflect during an event to raise awareness about Aids at a hospital in Jammu, …

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In Pictures: Royal Society Photo Award Winners

An underwater photo of a group of tadpoles silhouetted against a bright blue sky has won first place in the inaugural Royal Society Publishing photography competition. Image copyrightBert Willaert The photograph was taken by biologist Bert Willaert, while he was snorkelling in a canal in Belgium. He explained: “Clear water …

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Georgian Servicemen in Africa (Gallery)

Georgian soldiers

New pictures featuring Georgian soldiers participating in a European Union (EU) peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic have been released. The pictures were published by Georgia’s Defence Ministry after it received the photographs from an Italian officer who served as a spokesperson for the peace mission in Africa. Photo …

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Photos From This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria Secret Models

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taped in New York on Tuesday, and the multimillion-dollar production was as outrageous as ever. After months of arduous training, top models Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, and Candice Swanepoel were all featured in the show, and Gigi Hadid and Kardashian clan member Kendall Jenner made their …

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Vogue Names 9 Georgian Girls As “It Girls”

Nino EliavaNino Eliava

Famous fashion publishing Vogue, writes an article about Georgia’s booming fashion industry. Article names 9 Georgian women and suggests readers to follow them on instagram for the latest fashion trends. Writer also outlines fact that recently Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia appointed as a Balenciaga’s art director. Vogues assesses Georgia’s runway …

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20 Photos that Show How Insanely Crowded China has Become

China Population

China has reportedly dropped its long-standing one-child policy, which was first enacted decades ago in an effort to curb overpopulation. China’s population was approaching 1 billion when it enforced its one-child-per-family policy in the late 1970s. Exceptions were only made in the cases of ethnic minorities and rural couples, who were …

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