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Cottage Business created for Gem Fest

Cottages in Anaklia has recently launched close to Music Festival Gem Fest territory. Founder Mikheil Kvirtia says to Marketer that idea came up based on existing requirements. The service is mostly for young people who need comfortable living space during the event.   Mikheil Kvirtia: Me and my friends visited …

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Georgian Hazelnut – Health Hazard or Recognized Georgian Brand in Europe?

Only two cases of excessive aflatoxin were registered in Georgian Hazelnut in 2017, the statement by Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia reads. The statement was released to react to information as if Georgian Hazelnut cannot be exported to EU market because of excessive aflatoxin. Aflatoxin in a scientifically-approved carcinogen and …

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2 Million GEL Was Raised for Startups Within Startup-er Program

TBC Bank Program Startup-er sums up 5 months results. Since the beginning of program, 50 startup-er took advantage of Startup loan and 2 million GEL have been issued to support the amateur businesses.   The startups involved in the program operate in different fields: construction sector, shoes and clothing, agriculture, …

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ICC to Send Official Warning to about 6 million International Investors

Fady Asly: When You Kill Me, Other Fady Aslys will Arise against Your Crimes

ICC chairman Fady Asly plans to send an official letter to about 6 million investors, members of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The letter will describe the threats that exist before business commencement in Georgia. Fady Asly told the Analytics that tens of domestic and international business companies suffer from …

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Renewed Sheraton Metekhi Palace in Pictures

Sheraton hotel

Country’s one of the largest investor company “Rakia” finishes renovation of hotel Sheraton this Autumn. As for the representatives of the company, the exact opening date is still unknown. The Sheraton Metechi Palace, Tbilisi’s iconic five star hotel, is to be dramatically transformed by a major investment which will allow …

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Who Are Your Business Angels?

Small and medium-sized business require funding, especially at the early stages. The main source of financing is usually non-formal investors such as friends, family and so-called “business angels. In the United States, 55%-72%  of “business angels” mostly invest in start-ups or at the earliest stage of development. The same situation …

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CEFC to Be the Largest Chinese Investment in Georgia

”The foundation of the Bank in Georgia by CEFC will be the largest Chinese investment”said Ambassador in China, David Apciauri  to Commersant during Ambasadorial 2017. As it is known, the signing of the Declaration on the Establishment of the Development Bank of Georgia took place in May of this year …

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