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Georgian Student Launches Trendy Spinner


Goga Otinashvili is 18-year old startuper, who launched a new Georgian spinner brand. He started producing wooden intellectual toys under the name of Sago brand, in December. The idea belongs to Goga and he is planning to create many more new tools for the future. New Georgian spinner is different …

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Georgia’s Growing Economy Prompts A Bank to Offer More


Rocky beaches, lush greenery, and balmy weather has made Georgia’s Black Sea resort of Batumi one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the region. Fifty-year-old resident Nebi Shanidze watched the tourists descend, season after season, overwhelming the few budget and mid-market hotels. He then came out of retirement to …

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Demand for Business and Political PR Dominate Most of the Industry


Ketevan Galumashvili who has 19-year working experience in various fields in Georgia, talked with Caucasus Business Week about her career path and peculiarities of communications and public relations. Working in PR field does not enable to relax and we remain in the regime of permanent development, learning and gaining experience. …

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Five Reasons To Invest in Georgian Agriculture

Tengiz Taktakishvili

Agriculture has both big economic and social functions in Georgia. The sector employs more than half of the country’s work force and for many families, income from agriculture is the only source of their livelihood. At present, interest in the private sector as well as in the volume of investment …

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