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Zedazeni Founder: I Suspect that Coca-Cola has Accounting Problems

Zedazeni founder Cezar Chocheli responds to  the statements made by Coca Cola President Temur Chkhonia through CBW edition.

Two days ago Chkonia told CBW, while talking about the introduction of mandatory labeling, that Zedazeni betrayed the principle and the agreement.

The businessman made such assessment commenting on the Finance Minister’s visit  to “Zedazeni” factory.

Two days ago, Nodar Khaduri observed an equipment for marking installed in «Zedazeni” factory. “Georgian Beer Company” Director General Vasily Sulkhanishvili said that the plant is technically ready for  labeling the soft drinks.

Businessman Temur Chkonia, which strongly opposes the introduction of this obligation, the other day, said in this regard that he and the members of the Soft Drink Producers Association were unaware of Zedazeni’s position. According to him, it appears that the company does not have such equipment, which allows to maintain  proper accounting. “The point is not in the equipment installation, I just did not like that Zedazeni  betrayed the principle and the agreement  we had,” Chkonia explains.

After Temur Chkhonia’s statement  Cezar Chocheli decided to state his position. As the businessman explains to CBW,  he and his company are not affiliated with any organization and, therefore, did not promise anything to anyone. “I’m not a member of any association, with whom they signed the Association membership agreement, I do not know,” Chocheli notes.

In his words, the soft drink  producers had a meeting regarding the introduction of mandatory labeling.

“Our main demand was that the introduction of mandatory labeling not to affect companies’ financial performance and the price of the products. The state agreed and pays all expenses itself. Then why should we be against it if the government’s doubts regarding proper accounting do not correspond reality,” Chocheli says.

Zedazeni founder alleges that Chkhonia’s company has accounting problems. The businessman says that once and for all the government should consider that business is transparent. As for Chkhonia’s argument that mandatory labeling is devastating, Chocheli believes that many things can be detrimental to the state.

Not: The authorities wanted  the mandatory labeling  the business has been struggling  with for almost 5 years to come into effect  in November. As they say, at this stage all expenses will be covered by the Revenue Department. The government does  not specify whether the business will have to pay all the costs in the near future, while the businessmen do not doubt that the events will develop under this scenario.

Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri  gives the example of the neighboring Armenia as the argument, where water, Coca Cola and other soft drinks are labeled.

Recall that in order to establish highly secured track and trace system, GRS has announced a competition on “Integrated System of Movement and Registration of Products” on 10th November, 2011. Seven bids were submitted from the companies; the requirements of GRS were met by “SICPA Security Solutions SA”.

The agreement was concluded between Georgia Revenue Service and “SICPA Security Solutions SA”.