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XIX Business Rating Award Supporters are Already Known

On December 14, Georgian Media Holding “Georgian Times” will hold a traditional XIX event of business rating Awards at Tbilisi Garden Hall.

The event aims at identifying and rewarding the best company and businessman of the year in Georgia. Traditionally, the International Center for Public Opinion and Business Research “Gorbi” produces the counting of ratings. It is noteworthy that the Media Holding “Georgian Times” and Public Opinion Marketing Research Company “Gorbi” has been doing business rating since 1995.

This year, in the traditional XIX Business Rankings 2017 – 2018 The best companies and businessmen of Georgia will be revealed, and the best of the best – the Grand Prix owner, traditionally, on the day of the event, will be nominated on the basis of voting.

Supporters of this year’s XIX Business Rating Award are:

• Tbilisi City Hall
• Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
• Ministry of Agriculture
• Ministry of Finance
• Ministry of Infrastructure


• Chamber of Commerce of Georgia
• International Chamber of Commerce
• Partnership Fund
• Co-investment Fund
• Business Ombudsman

The event is supported by the fact that the full spectrum of Georgian media:

1. Public Broadcaster
2. Hope
3. Tv First
4. Palitra News
5. Saperavi TV
6. The lens
7. The stadium
8. Muzikobix
9. Fortunately
10. Autopilot
11. Tbilisians
12. Georgian Times
13. Caucasian business wiki
14. Resonance
15. The Primetime
16. Banks and Finances
17. Svobodnaya Gruzia
18. Business Media
19. Version
20. Georgian opinion
21. Geotimes.ge
22. Award.com.ge
23. Kvira.ge
24. GeorgianPress.ge
25. For.ge
26. Liderinfo.ge
27. NewsDay.ge
28. Reportiori.ge
29. Economic.ge
30. Metronome.ge
31. Timer.ge
32. Fact2.ge

The Georgian Times expresses its gratitude to the loyal supporters of the project and the media for permanent cooperation.