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World’s Giant SAP in Georgian Railways

SAP, one of the market leaders of corporate programs, and Georgian Railway finished establishment of the first SAP S/4HANA project in the Post-Soviet space.

The new system will alleviate an adoption of strategic decisions, as well as a flexible management of  organizational processes. At this stage, about 500 persons use the system.

Georgian Railway took decision on introducing SAP S/4HANA in 2016. The audit has showed that incomplete automation frustrates the company development and does not enable the management to see the full picture of business and take due decisions.

Main objective that was determined at the beginning of the process was the modernization of decisive business processes. SAP was selected on basis of the vendor experience with railway operators of the USA, Europe and leading countries of the CIS, including Italian company Trenitaluia, Dutch ProRail, Canadian Pacific. S/4HANA is used by the world’s leading companies such as  Bosch, Fitbit, Horizon Pharma and so on.

For the purpose of creating a joint system, Georgian Railway has introduced in-memory ERP system of new generation on basis of SAP S/4HANA. Automation has covered a number of main and auxiliary business processes: management registration, repair works, technical support and staff management process were optimized.


Special accent was made on budgeting, planning and consolidation solutions.  SAP MaxAttention international premium support group has taken part in the project implementation. The group has carried out control of quality of the due solution, trained staff and assisted the company in completing the project in scheduled timeframes.

In the future, Georgian Railway plans to:

  • Increase number of automatic business processes;
  • Create localization system for Georgia that will include Georgian interface and that will be adapted to Georgian legislation;
  • implement innovative projects on the ground of concept  internet subjects.

Moreover, Georgian Railway plans to certify its own expertise center that enables effective control of the system and establish the service in interested companies.

«There is no major company in the world that does not use SAP  joint management product. This is the most famous manufacturer in this sector and their products are especially successful in the railway sector. That’s why we have selected SAP. I would like to note that our company is the first one in Post-Soviet space that has introduced the most modern concept of SAP. As a result of the project implementation, Georgian Railway will have significant results – the decision-making time will be reduced by about 10% in management of our reserves. We will improve fixed assets management systems. In general, all these factors will be expressed in more successful financial indicators and effective management solutions», Georgian Railway director general Mamuka Bakhtadze noted.

«Railway development requires that management of databases be carried out at the highest level. About 2 years ago we started cooperation with Georgian Railway so as they could manage such broad database as databases of staff and financial indicators. Georgian Railway needed a high-technology solution. We have supplied our product to Georgian Railway and we plan to further deepen our cooperation», Alexander Arnold, director for working in strategic fields of SAP SE Central and Eastern Europe region, noted.

The mentioned project was introduced today in Tbilisi. The presentation was attended by representatives of SAP, various companies and IT sector leaders.