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Vladimir Boisa

Vladimir Boisa Introduces Wine of His Own Brand: I Make Wines and Care for Each Bottle Myself

Basketball player Vladimir Boisa plans to introduce wine of his own brand from the 2015 vintage. The new brand will have special features, quality and color.

In his interview with the Business Morning, the vice president of Basketball Federation talks about his plans.

-Why have you chosen winemaking business?

-When I was playing basketball, I always had the feeling of love to  brand wines and I always wanted to taste as many brand wines as possible, but I did not have this opportunity in that period. Having ended my career, I obtained the opportunity  to bottle my own wine and develop my brand. I make wine myself, with my own hands, and I personally care for each bottle.

-Did you need assistance? How have you chosen place and grapes to make specific variety of wine? Do you rely on your own views in business part?

-Key and major investments were made in branding process. We have top quality bottles, as to grapes, we use Rkatsiteli. In general, you should be very careful when making wines. You should ask winemakers and specialists how to make wines.

There are a lot of wineries in Georgia and worldwide. Therefore, I wanted to connect my wines to history  and I make wines in old wine cellar, Qvevris of 1910. Even the label indicates that everything is made due to the 8000-year traditions. No modern technology and electricity is used in our wine cellar.

I make everything myself and we have to provide hard job, 2-3 friends come to assist me. We make everything due to technologies that were applied 8000 years ago. This is my second job place and I participate in issuing each bottle and I personally participate in bottling process.

-Which price category will be your wines sold in?

-My wines do not concede to many other good wines. I sell my wines to stores and restaurants for 22 GEL. I do not know whether this is  high price or not, but it is impossible to sell our product for lower price. As to the brand, it has a very interesting history. People, who learned I was making wines, invited me to their wineries and enabled me to choose my taste and they arranged the brand taste for only me and it is very tasteful. The brand is a Georgian-Slovenian product.

-Who are your partners and where are your products manufactured geographically?

-The main thing is that I am alone. Only one partner helped me in Slovenia, who put small amount of money in my brand distribution and helped me somehow. In Georgia my partner is Otar Bregvadze. My sister is the company director and I am a key figure, in practice. I think I do not need assistance of more people. The main thing is  to attain high quality in our products.

-Do you plan to launch any other businesses in Georgia?

-This is an interesting question. I do not have plans for Georgia, because any major investor or distributor demands more bottles, and, in this case, naturally I will need assistance. Recently, one of the best winemakers of Slovenia visited the exhibition and we talked about making wines in Qvevri in Slovenia and call them after my and his names. I will have to transport Qvevris from Georgia to Slovenia. Vintage starts here  earlier.

I will have to be in Georgia and Slovenia. These plans refer to 2017. In general, I plan to enlarge production in the future.