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Ushba.io – Georgian Online Platform for Crypto Currency Trades

Ushba.io – Georgian Online Platform for Crypto Currency Trades

Ushba.io is a new Georgian platform for crypto currency trades. The platform enables people to exchange currency and contact each other through a mediator (Peer to Peer trading).

At the same time, consumers are able to exchange crypto currency into traditonal currency (Flat Exchange) or place it in protected space (Cold Storage), while through Cloud Mining it enables to implement crypto currency investments. The company representatives noted that UshbaCoin enables to become a company owner.

Luka Kobalia, Ushba marketing manager answers the Marketer’s questions.

-We know BitCoin already exists, What is UshbaCoin?

-BitCoin and other similar crypto currencies are generated through mining. As to UshbaCoin, it is one of the shares of Ushba.Io crypto currency trade platform, that is a company stake. All owners of Ushbacoin will receive respective dividends from company profits at the end of all months. This unique component differentiates UshbaCoin from other crypto currencies.

-What factors have inspired you to develop Georgian platform of trading in crypto currency?

-Crypto currency trading platform uses the name of famous mountain of Ushba. It was created for operation on international market. Ushba.io is based on the so-called Sharing Economy principles and a great number of companies are based on the same principles.

The trading platform will connect people wishing to sell and buy crypto currencies with each other. And this process will bring serious changes onto the market. People and not major organizations will determine value of crypto currencies by 100%.

-How we can employ UshbaCoin in Georgian reality? 

-Georgian and foreign citizens are welcome to make investments in Ushba.Coin development. Starting September 15 they are able to buy one Ushba.Coin for 10 USD and receive monthly dividends (based on Smart Contract). The company profits will include both commission fees from crypto currency exchange and revenues from Cloud Mining.