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Usage of Pay Box Services

Only few years ago, Pay Boxes made appearance in Georgia and instantly became popular. Today, up to ten companies operate in the market and offer customers a convenient and fast way to make a variety of payments or money transfers. As the competition increases, so do the diversity of services these companies offer – at this point, it is possible to pay for a wide range of services, fill the customer balance and even donate to different charities.
As the result of ACT research show, residents of Tbilisi are avid users of Pay Boxes – nine of ten (90%) citizens have used this method to pay/transfer money in the last 3 months. In this context, men are more active than women (94% and 88% respectively).
According to the research, absolute majority (97-98%) of the younger citizens (18-34-years old) uses Pay Box services and as the age rises the consumption tendency decreases. However, it should be mentioned that even in older people, the consumption rate is still high– as it turns out, in 65-years old and older people, seven out of ten (72%) make use of Pay Boxes for payments and other kinds of money transfers.

As for the operations, survey results show that most frequently, residents of Tbilisi use Pay Box to fill in the balance on their mobile phones (85%). Moreover, they actively use this service to make payments for communal taxes (60%). Among other types of payments, some citizens of the capital (14%) are also keen to use Pay Box to fill balance on online gambling accounts. As expected, men are more likely to do so than women (26% and 4%, respectively).

The survey was conducted on 419 adult residents of Tbilisi, in February, 2015. The statistical error of the data does not exceed 4.9%
The survey was conducted exclusively for internet magazine “Marketer”. Third party must give a notice before using the given information fully or partially.