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Tsinandali Estate Hosted the Presentation of David Maghradze’s American Book

On May 28th the historic Tsinandali Estate hosted an official launch of a poetry book, “Footprints on Water” by a prominent Georgian poet Dato Magradze, which marked a long term strategic partnership between the Tsinandali Foundation (TF) a philanthropic arm of the Silk Road Group and Silknet, promoting Georgian music and art globally, and Rare Bird Books (RBB), a leading US publishing house.

The book contains poems of different periods, including two narrative poems, “Giacomo Ponti” and “For You”, is set to be released in North America by RBB this summer and distributed in the 50 states by Publishers Group West, one of the most powerful US distribution houses.

President of Rare Bird Books Mr. Tyson Cornell and its Executive Editor Mr. Guy Intoci traveled to Georgia to attend the presentation.

According to the Publishers, Maghradze’s work is a masterpiece of modern poetry and is expected be a delightful surprise for the fans of poetry in the United States.

“This is an important moment for us, to be here … to continue the tradition of Georgian culture and literature … This is an opportunity for us to learn about all of what Georgia has to offer….. The process of working on this book has been a real eye opener. We don’t get too many opportunities to work on serious poetry. Poetry that transcends the landscapes of time, power of literature, culture and history.” – said Tyson Cornell.

The book and its author are soon to be set off for the promotion tour throughout almost all of the US states. Dato Magradze and his publishers signed the memorandum to this effect in the presence of the audience gathered in Tsinandali.

The partnership, which was initiated and is supported by George Ramishvili, a founder of Silk Road Group and a Chairman of Siknet,  is geared towards creating unique opportunities for the remarkable works of the Georgian classical and modern literature to make their way to the North American book stores as well as introducing some of the best modern American literature published by RBB to the Georgian readers.

TF and RBB are optimistic that the Georgian literature with its rich history and its latest revival will find a wide audience on the North America continent.

The mission of the Tsinandali Foundation is to support and strengthen peace, unity and prosperity in the Caucasus region via music and art as well as to showcase a unique Georgian culture around the globe.

“Rare Bird Books” releases over 50 publications annually in multiple formats, collaborating with remarkable authors and promoting their work at the contemporary literary market