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Tsalenjikha Produced Tea Costs $300 in China

Georgian tea manufactured in Tsalenjikha District, Samegrelo Region, is exported to Chinese market. Chinese investors have put 80 000 USD in Lazi tea manufacturer company. Chedzani Ranrani Biotechnology Company plans to expand investment portfolio and introduce new technologies in the company.

The Georgia-Chinese company manufactures green and black tea by Chinese technologies. Currently, about 150 local residents are employed. Lazi company has taken part in Tea Rehabilitation State program.

“For many years tea manufacturing remained suspended in Georgia. We arrived and explored the quality of domestic tea. Genuinely high-quality tea grows here. Tea needs careful attitude. Therefore, we manufacture Georgia tea by use of our technologies. Here we produce high-standard green and black tea. We plan to expand business and implement a major project and increase investment portfolio”, Chan Va Khu, Chedzan Ranran Biotechnology Company founder, said.

Goner Salia, the Chinese company partner, noted: “There is much demand for Georgian tea on Chinese market. The first consignment was sold for 80 and 100 USD. Quality and production technology have been improved for the second consignment and now the price has risen to 300 USD on Chinese market.

Chinese investors plan to hold trainings in tea growing in Georgia.