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Travel Agencies Cancel Greece Tours

Georgian travel agencies have canceled several  tours in Greece due to the developments in this country.

Good Travel agency claims that  despite the fear, the tourists do not refuse to travel to Greece, however, prefer to take cash because of the closed banks in the country. The travel agency expects price on all the tours in Greece to fall. They say that at this stage the company  offers tours to   Rhodes, Santorini, Crete and other directions. The cost of a one-week vacation in Greece starts from  500 Euro.

According to Love Travel,  the agency added  Greece vacation packages in the current year. They say that Greece is not  in great demand due  to the  current events there. A one-week vacation in Greece costs  400 euro in the agency. Athens failed to repay   one billion 540 million euros in debt  to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on  June 30 and  Greece became the first developed country that has not fulfilled its obligation to the IMF.