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Toyota Tbilisi

Toyota Unveils Regional Training Center of Great Importance in Tbilisi

Toyota’s official training center was unveiled at Kindzmarauli Street 5, Tbilisi on November 27. To celebrate Caucasus’ biggest training center launch, Toyota Caucasus, the Toyota’s official representation in the Caucasus region held a solemn reception.

To ceremony was attended by heads of Toyota training divisions from European head office, which arrived in Georgia for this special occasion. All domestic and regional dealers, partners from Ukraine, and Russia were present at the ceremony. Representatives of state offices, media and business sector were also seen on the event. Among the honorable guests was Japanese Ambassador in Georgia Mr. Toshio Kaitani

The training center opening is truly a significant event not only throughout Georgia, but for the entire Caucasus region, and this step directly reflects the philosophy of Toyota, the company representatives noted.

“We do not just build cars, we build people!” – This well-known motto clearly mirrors company’s basic principles. It is a widely recognized fact that Toyota philosophy KAIZEN, (continuous improvement) and respect for people, represents the foundation of years of success that runs throughout the company history which also implies continuous care for development and professional growth of employees.

“Every step forward in the field of education and professional training yields remarkable results and outcome throughout the entire Toyota network. We are proud to have initiated the regional scale project in Georgia”, the Toyota Caucasus representatives noted.

Considerable investments were made for the training center launch.  Multifunctional training center spreads over 850 square meters. Built on Toyota’s top standards, the center embraces the cutting-edge machinery, modern technologies, systems and equipment.

 The training center includes:

  • Three sections with 4-ton crane
  • Emissions Pumping System
  • Tire Fixation Complex
  • Electricians training zone
  • Hybrid Automobile Service System
  • Training zone for service of aggregates
  • Theoretical Training Zones
  • Two training zones for training service management specialists (department of sales, customer service department, spare parts department)
  • Kaizen Dojo class simulation (service and sales management)
  • Storehouse
  • Shower

Toyota Tbilisi

Ms. Natalia Rud, the manager consumer experience training at Toyota Motor Europe, and Mr.Yuji Wagata,  Toyota Caucasus president, delivered speech at the event.

“The Toyota training system will enable technicians to apply modern technologies and refine Toyota automobile service skills. It should also be noted that prior to commencement of sales in regional markets, each new model will be studied in details so as Toyota personnel be fully equipped with knowledge and skills when introducing new automobiles to consumers.

All these efforts ensure ultimate comfort and safety to the customers. Toyota considers consumers to be top priority instance (following the principle: Customer First). The driving mechanism of the company’s whole performance is conveyed in the distinguished expression of Akio Toyoda:  “Our goal is to be number 1 in the hearts and minds of customers”, Toyota Caucasus officials noted.

On basis of the training center, Toyota Caucasus plans to implement expanded educational projects on the regional level in the future.

Toyota Caucasus (TCA), a Toyota’s official distributor in the South Caucasus, has been operating with its head office in Tbilisi since 2006. The official representation also serves Azerbaijan and Armenia markets, in addition to Georgia.