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How Topishare Helps your Business Through Collaborative Growth and a Social Network on your Site

We all hear how you need to drive people to your website to boost sales. But then what? People visit your website ones, maybe twice, and perhaps they buy your product or service. And then they leave again.

The main question should not be how you can drive people to your site, but how you can retain them. How you can get your customers to stay on your site and come back. And in this day and age, simply a good product or service isn’t going to get you there. Sure, email lists work. But it’s basically just a reminder to your customer that you exist, that’s all. What you want, is that your customer starts building a bond with you, that it trusts you, and that it feels part of the community around your product and service.

And that’s the magical word: community. Building a community isn’t easy. Because how do you get the trust, the bond? How do you get people to come back to your site? And how will they stay? This is one of the reasons we’ve created topishare. It’s a unique and different platform where you can create your own customized platform with the click of a button and embed this social network to your own site. It’s like building relationships with your customer on your site instantly, without your email getting lost in their spam folder. You have all the tools you need to start building trust and let topishare build a community around your products/services/business.

A place where people feel connected, a place where they want to come back to talk to their newly made friends who feel the same about your products. And this community will be a loyal community that will buy your products, return to your site, and do the most valuable advertising of all: word of mouth. topishare may be just a start-up, but we’re growing insanely fast – just over the past 3 months we’ve seen an increase of 1700%.

That’s no little peanuts. And the beauty of topishare is that everyone gains from this growth. As your social network can be found and accessed through the topishare platform as well. One of our most important parts of our approach is that we work closely with all of our partners that embed their own social network on their site, and that we collaborate closely to help you create exactly what it is you need.

Article by Hila Peled