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The importance of Digital Transformation and its Specifics in the Georgian Market Discussed by Microsoft Specialists

“Georgia maintains a strong position in the development of state services, strong local agencies operating in the country’s market, supporting innovation and technologies. Besides, they are successful and are constantly trying to introduce innovative products.

Openness to innovative technology is high in Georgia. At the same time, Internetization remains a major challenge in the regions,” said Nikoloz Doborjginidze, the general director of Microsoft Georgia at the forum on digital transformation entitled “Discover the world of digital transformation.”

Meetings, which were held in parallel, were dedicated to such important topics as cloud technologies, digital transformation, innovative solutions for social network management, virtual chatboxes and more.

“It’s my first time in Georgia and I’m glad to be here. Our world is changing dramatically. We are here to discuss: what is digital transformation? What are the changes that affect business? I think Georgia is one of the most interesting countries. It doesn’t matter where you are, you must catch up with digital technologies. Microsoft works with clients of all industries to help digitalize companies and accelerate their transformation. In fact, each organization develops at different speeds. In order to accelerate the process, it is necessary to take into consideration four basic elements, namely the user’s involvement in the process, strengthening the staff’s authority, further updating work and transformation of the product and service. This is the material for creating digital transformation, which companies must take into account,” said Miladi Stumbu, Europe’s sales manager at Microsoft.

The forum covered various topics, such as digital transformation in retail and expectations for this sector. The leading specialist in marketing and operations in the European region, Masha Melkova, explained: “In general, the process of purchases is changing rapidly in the world: the role of retail has changed forever. Digital technology has completely replaced the traditional retail business model. In the past, one channel was absolutely enough to give stimulus to sales, and most of them preferred to invest in online offers. Today, retailers should do much more to succeed. For example, retail sellers should create different and individual experiences that will cover our real and digital lives.”

Digital transformation has changed the methods of business operation and in this respect Georgia is no different from other countries in the region. Robert Tornvek, the Microsoft production business director in the European region, noted: “Each market has its own characteristics, but the priorities everywhere are: implementing IT solutions that enable people and organizations to work more efficiently. Of course, these decisions are at the same time safe. Microsoft is working with all industry users to help them convert to digital companies and accelerate this conversion. All organizations need different time for transformation. There are four common items that all addresses: providing clients with a more attractive quality of service, strengthening the power of employees, updating work and transforming products and services. This is the foundation for building digital transformation.”

It is important that business leaders and IT departments participated in the digital evolution forum by Microsoft’s invitation.

“It was the first large forum that was organized and promoted by Microsoft in Georgia. The forum included the introduction of the company’s solutions, which will help them to develop technological transformations and achieve better results. We will help companies have more opportunities in the direction of digital transformation. I think it was an unusual opportunity to present what Microsoft is looking for, and how the company looks at the new model that has been developed on the basis of sales in Georgia. In addition, special attention should be paid to partner ecosystems and business transformation,” said one attendee.