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The Georgian Engineer's Invention to Solve Water Supply Problem

The Georgian Engineer’s Invention to Solve Water Supply Problem

Soso Narchemaishvili invented water pump aggregate which is already spread in seven villages and installed as well.

“Irekson” has totally resolved the water supply problem. Its exclusiveness lies in the detail that it works only on the water pressure and there is no expenses need on its functioning.

As the inventor Soso Narchemaishvili points out in his speech with “business press news”, this unique equipment works 24-hour regime and there is no human involvement need during the process.

The capacity and performance of the invention depends on several factors. Including pressure and diameter of the tube.

“Pumper is able to pump water at dozens of meter high. It is not a long time we have installed this equipment in the village Olaverdi. Thanks to this 200 tons of tank fills in just one whole day ” – noted the respondent. 

According to him, if all factors are considered, the equipment is able to pump 10 liters per second.

The installation, working without using any electricity, fuel, or any other expenses, is already patented.

“Ireksoni” was installed in the village Olaverdi, within the project of “Peace, Democracy and Development Institute”.

 As the coordinator of the project announces, this equipment will be installed even more villages.

“There are a lot of villages having water supply problem, thanks to this invention such problems will be finally solved, moreover at minimum expenses”, – sais Tiko Tkeshelashvili.