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Tbilisi Spotlight Tickets Are on Sale from Today

On November 5, Tbilisi will host Spotlight in a renewed format. The re-branding of the project was accomplished with Erekle Inashvili in 2016, resulting in a dynamic brand developed to provide a focus on the specific direction.

TBC Bank’s project “Startuper” is a friend of the event planned on November 5th and will be dedicated to entrepreneurs, startups and startup-ers.

Unlike previous spotlights, this event will start this morning. In the first half of the day will be lectures / master classes and panel discussions, all in simultaneously with each other. Consequently, guests will decide on their own interests what they will attend. In the middle of the afternoon, speakers will share their experiences and vision in the central hall.

Tickets are already on sale through  TKT.ge

The participant companies of Business Awards will be able to purchase limited tickets in advance.

The list of speakers:

  • Levan Bakhia – SARKE
  • Nika Kurdiani – TBC Bank
  • Giorgi Zviadadze – Innovation and Technology Agency
  • Lasha Gogua – Gizgiza
  • Tekuna Gachechiladze – Khaseria
  • Giorgi Popiashvili – Freelance
  • Medea Tabatadze – Insource
  • Alex Chikovani – LIVE Branding
  • Kakha Magradze- GEPRA
  • Teona Baghdavadze – Key Communications
  • Gaga Darsalia – Redberry
  • Merab Gotsiridze – Advertwise
  • Nika Gabunia – Advertwise
  • Nata Kvitsinashvili– ACT
  • Tengo Lomitashvili – TBSC
  • Vakho Vakhtangishvili – Leavingstone
  • Giorgi Avaliani – BODISHI
  • Nika Kumbari– BODISHI
  • Goga Chinchladze – BODISHI
  • Nuka Barbare Chokheli – Amelie
  • Natia Bukia – Project Art Beat
  • Keta Lomidze –  რედაქცია #3 (Edition #3)
  • Levan Kiladze – Lemondo
  • Irakli Chikava – Agro Solutions
  • Levan Giorgadze – CROSTY
  • Shota Chinchaladze – LIVE Branding
  • Davit Gogichaishvili – TV11