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Tatiana Gvenetadze: PR in Georgia Can be Seen As at the Stage of Development Today

Interview with Tatiana Gvenetadze, Head of Public Relations Department of Medical Company-Vivo Medical Group.

– What is your profession?

I’m a doctor, I graduated medical faculty of Tbilisi State Medical Institute.

– What was your first job place?

My first job started in the NGO sector; I was a student of the last course when I joined NGO. The Union of Young People’s Association was the unification of progressively thoughtful young doctors who had very interesting and important social projects.

– What is your current job and position?

My position is Public Relations at Vivo Medical Group, group of leading clinics in the market.The Vivo Medical Group currently unites six clinics: Innova, Innova Invitro, Tbilis Central Hospital, Bokhua Cardiovascular Clinic, Zhordania Clinic, Lisi Clinic.

– What was your first success?

I would say, winning grant contest while working at NGO was my first success.

– Is it possible today, in Georgia, to study PR valuably? Or is international knowledge and experience required anyway?

PR has a brief history in Georgia as a profession. PR in Georgia can be described as at the stage of development today, that requires support. As for learning, of course international experience is an additional advantage.

 – Is PR management perceived and understood in Georgia in its classical form?

We can say that there is a small specificity, contacts and authority is the most important part.

– What’s the difference between PR and advertising?

– PR requires more planning and strategy than advertising. The main task of PR is to cause an interest. As, there are too much advertisements, customers get bored and pay less attention.

– Which media outlets do you follow daily?

There are several foreign ones like The Guardian, Businessinsider. Mostly I follow Georgian media outlets.

– Name the best project or period of yours that makes you proud.

Vivo Medical Group prepares an entirely unprecedented social project which analogy is not in the field of health care and medicine nowadays. At this point, I will refrain from naming the details.

– Where would you work if not in the PR management field?

I would work as an event manager in some international company or cultural journalist.

– Where do you see yourself after 20-30 years?

I hope, I will be leading a small consulting company in medicine and health care field.

– Name the field where you would never work.

-It’s boring for me to have a routine job where there is no creativity and mobility for me, I would never work in a bank as well.

– What benefits do you receive from the company where you work? What makes your company interesting?

First of all, it’s a really big experience and a job that I love. I work with all of the Vivo Medic Group Group’s leading specialists in various fields of medicine, to enable our patients to get the correct and comprehensive information about the services implemented in a way they understand. I also had the goal to unite two of my favorite fields-medicine and public relations. all my goals in the Vivo Medicare group have been realized and now I have a very interesting job.

– What are your strong and weak sides, as a businesswoman?

– I will be banal to say that it’s difficult to talk about myself in positive terms, but I can say that, ambition and self-confidence are the strongest side of mine. As for my weak side, it is sensitivity that can cause biased opinion.