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Tata Khvedeliani: You Should Be Ready For Any Challenge When You Work In PR Department

Interview with Tata Khvedeliani, Head of Public Relations and Marketing Service of the MIA Police Security Department.

– Which media outlets do you follow?

– The profession of PR specialist requires involvement and constant following of news, so I am starting a day by looking through all the mass-media outlets. First, I search for news related to my field. I follow both print and social media, as well as radio and TV channels.

– Talk about the difference between PR and advertising.

– PR is a public relations, strategic communication process. We present a product to the society through communication and various ways, which is intended to raise awarness.

Advertising is one of the way, for what you pay.

The activities of the public agencies are now fully about public. It’s important to communicate with people in order to avoid wrong or negative understanding of PR activity.

– Describe some affiliate networks you’ve collaborated with and why you chose them.

– I remember my experience of inclusion program of people with disabilities. I think, involvement in mentioned project contributed to my professional growth.

I thought communicating with this part of the community would be very hard, based on common stigmatics, although I managed it.

Nowadays, I can say I have a lot of friends with disabilities, I can use a gesture language, and refused all the difference.

– How do you integrate social media with PR?

– I believe that social media is actually one of the most important tool in the field of public relations. It is widely used to make announcements and to cultivate public opinion.

– How would you present the results of your work?

– I am a maximalist person by nature,I want to achieve more and more successes, so I’m working on myself, to be effective in all areas in which I work.

– What would you do if a client or manager disagreed with your PR strategy?

– Profession of public relations specialist becomes more popular day by day. Consequently, demand for professionals in this field is increasing steadily. A trust is important, when I work for my supervisor, I need him to believe in my actions, so if the client or manager opposed my strategy, I will try to explain the need for the strategy and to convince him of its effectiveness.

– Describe a time you had to manage negative media attention.

– When working in Public Relations Department, you should always be ready for any challenge.  I think every PR specialist has had a negative media attack In my case, this story has been corrected by correct communication with the public.

– What’s interesting about our current PR work? What would you improve?

– I really like this field and I’m glad I chose it. Communication is the most interesting and important. I like receiving the result of correct PR strategy.

I would improve the leader approach towards PR, since it is a very wide area of strategic and is not just right to embark on only a few directions and work with them only.