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Tamar Nibladze: PR is to think of your customers constantly

Tamar Nibladze: PR is to Think of Your Customers Constantly

Interview with Tamar Nibladze, PR Manager of sweets producer company ‘’Barambo’’.

– Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you?

I used to be an active person since childhood, I used to enjoy communicating with people, I often had a desire to organize a variety of events and I was involved in various scale projects as a student. I studied at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, specializing in International Relations. I started working when I was on the first course, the PR Manager was very rare in the Georgian companies back then, the PR was on its way of development as a specialty that we have today. In fact, I belong to those PR managers who started to practice, learned from their experiences, and after some time added the theory. I also developed by working on myself, with tireless labor, thinking about what innovation should be given to the Georgian public in the constant search of communication tools and taking theory into practice. In terms of career growth, it is very good, since you are constantly gaining new contacts, improving the organization and learning many nuances in practice.PR This is a constant thought of your customer to hold positive communication between a brand and them(in terms of image, In terms of increasing awareness). The main purpose of my business is to make people loyal to the brand I work for.

– What is it necessary to hold a successful communication with public?

First of all, it is necessary to define the audience/segment, for whom I’m planning a communication, therefore you need to match their interests with your campaign. For instance, if a segment is teenager, you need to think of what they like to make them involved; If you’re aiming at children, you need to use instruments they’d like, as well as their parents, as parents are decision makers,etc.

It is important to select the segment in terms of revenue as well – you should properly plan the campaign, with whom you want to communicate, do they have medium or high income..When it comes to the premium product campaign – this factor has a great importance.

In order to hold successful communication, it is important to use all PR tools, such as marketing direction, whether it is originally planned, action in social media, or direct communication with the customer. You should be polite when you are PR, great value you have is a frankness, personal character, performance, courtesy – that’s what you create – associated with your brand – you are the company of which you are the face and the communicate with the public in the name of the brand.

– Three tips you would give to whom wants to work in this field.

– I have been in this field for 13 years, so I have done many successful projects, of course, nobody is faultless,but the main thing is to be determined at the plan, make plan, for which implementation you’ll do everything in all directions, never to get tired, even when you think you’re overwhelmed, you’ll need to restart – it can be updated contacts, new training, new experience, challenges- whether it’s trying new direction, or learning something.

Every morning should start by thinking to be active, think about what kind of communication you need for your brand, maintaining goodwill of public and to share your role as an internal corporation.

Loyalty begins with your staff’s team spirit, motivation and to make them feel positive about the company in which you are all involved.

– What would you wish to know before you started your career in PR?

– Before starting your career, when you’re inexperienced, you’re worrying of every step, in a critical situation, but when time passes, you realize that you’re doing everything right, just sometimes you have to manage the situation, whether it’s a stressful environment or a black PR attack of competition brands. There is always a way out of the crisis situation, the main thing is not to get confused – to correctly fix this and reverse it by using the PR methods. That’s exactly what I remember at the beginning of my career, I was so overwhelmed and worried – being nervous will give you nothing.

– Describe a typical work week.

– None of the work week is similar to one another, that’s what I like in this company, which team member I am since 5 years. You develop there constantly, plan new campaigns. I do planning daily, review proposals, respond every single email or phone calls, plan actions- whether it’s themed action on various locations, or markets networks, communicating with partner companies and mass-media representative, being active on social media- define how to communicate with our facebook users; We also take social responsibility to help homeless people and people with disabilities and on holidays.

– What is the best way of finding relevant contacts and sources?

When you’re PR, it is important to have a contact base, you need to know people ,have good relations with media, press/radio, marketing/PR of various companies, because it simplifies your work process. Sources for that comes as it follows- introductory meeting, a press conference to communicate with journalists, visiting different companies to meet their team members, being actively involved in presentations, events, some groups. It takes years, to gain all that naturally.

– How do you prioritize to start your work day?

My work day begins with Barambo chocolate, then I think of what kind of activities I should play for today, camping – define communication tools, segment and actively connect with the customer after selecting the target audience. Daily correspondence – Incoming letters in the company, discuss proposals, social media activity, communication with press, preparation of imagery, etc.

– What are the skills Public Relations Specialist need?

Successful PR Manager should be motivated, love his own business, be social, active, have leadership skills, love meeting the audience, be polite, orator, presentable and should have a lot of contacts, as well as creative and skill to correctly define the target audience. Diligence and responsibility are necessary skills.

– What qualities do you value in human at work?

In the working environment I appreciate one being a team player, loyalty, sense of responsibility, motivation, correctness, attitude towards colleagues.

– What is the best PR practice, which is irreplaceable by technology?

Practice is the most important thing to look at the specificity of your work, because some technology may work communicating with other brand customers, but your company may get aggressive attitude from public. You should take care of your brand as it’s your child, what will be better for it, what will increase, what will bring a recognition. If something does not work, try another direction and never give up. You will get great experience in practice.

– What trends and innovations are in public relations field?

There are many innovations and trends. Today, one of the world’s major role has social networks, namely, Facebook somehow replaced role of world media, print media – the involvement of the customer is huge and you can get direct communication with your them. Various trends are periodically popping up – constantly changing algorithms, one time giffs boom, then videos, now stories are viral on facebook, challenges are trendy, thematic frames on profile and so on.