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Supply of Nabeghlavi Mineral Water to NATO Forces Postponed

Supply of NATO forces serving in Afghanistan with Nabeghlavi mineral water  has been postponed. The company Healthy Water manager Levan Chikovani says that the issue of the supply of Nabeghlavi to troops in Afghanistan has been postponed until additional quantities of mineral water don’t become necessary.

Chikovani notes that in Afghanistan there are several mineral water factories which supply  NATO’s troops with the product at much more competitive price.

“For this reason, this project is still pending. If they need additional resources, we are their official supplier and our plant is registered in their system,”- says Chikovani.

Recall that Healthy Water planned to provide its product supplies to NATO forces from the end of  2016. Chikovani said last July that Healthy Water was in talks with the US Defense Logistics Agency, the Defense Agency and the North Atlantic Alliance on the supply of NATO forces serving in Afghanistan with Nabeghlavi.

Chikovani noted late last year that the organization of logistics would select a company via the tender. However, in his words, in this issue the attention should be paid to the commercial moment as the product shipment to Afghanistan doesn’t cost cheap for the company.

When asked by Commersant whether the company would abandon its plan to deliver the product due to expensive transportation costs, Chikovani said  that the company cannot refuse. He adds that it’s the US Defense Logistics Agency who can refuse due to a price.

Recall, the company Healthy Water produces mineral waters Nabeglavi and the source water Bakhmaro. The company officially announced about the supply of NATO forces with Nabeghlavi in June 2016.