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Store Cards

Store Cards – Georgian Mobile Application as Virtual Wallet for Saving Cards

A week ago Georgian mobile application Store Cards was introduced on App Store. The new application combines saving cards of various networks or pharmacies.

Consequently, with iOS system, consumers will not have to search various cards in their wallets in either stores or pharmacies. Interview by Marketer

Virtual wallet of saving cards was developed by Rezo Mesarkishvili, who has also created SMS Spam Filter for filtering AD messages.

Is Store Cards an in-demand application and how is it processed?

-Many networks have introduced saving or bonus cards. I have seen many people to be taking out wallets and seeking cards in it. For example, I had many cases when I had forgotten necessary cards in specific moments. Our product combines functions of all saving cards and unites all data in the same application. This signifies any user is able to select a specific card on mobile phone screen, enter code and process it. I have used Store Card many times and it is very comfortable.

How are data of various saving cads inserted into the application?

– Naturally, consumer knows the network of cards they process and they insert data themselves. There are two variants: template – finding visual template and inserting their own data, or if there is no template, they can take a photo of the card and upload it into the application. Both methods will store the consumer’s data into the application.

Application is free of charge, however, quantity of cards is limited. Three cards may be stored free. Users are able to buy 3, 5 or unlimited places for 2-6 USD. Moreover, the application includes 15-second video materials and consumers gain the right for adding a anew card after watching them.