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Space-saving and Transformable Furniture from Georgian Startup – Smart Home

Smart Home, space-saving furniture manufacturing company, launched operation 2 years ago. Five friends have founded the company with joint capital. In December 2017 the company obtained a Startup Georgia grant and soon the company increased output.

Irakli Abuladze, Lasha Surguladze, Erekle Shkubuliani, Giorgi Kesanashvili and Givi Jashi were university course mates and they have been manufacturing beds, tables, cheers and other furniture that are adaptable and transformable in space.

How to find space in our small house and what are challenges before the space-saving startups in Georgia? On these issues the Marketer has interviewed Smart House founder Irakli Abuladze:

-What was your experience in business and why have you decided to undertake joint business?

-We were course mates at Tbilisi State University. We have graduated from TSU faculty of economics and business. Two of us are international auditors, the third one – tax auditor and two ones work at risks management department of commercial banks. After our career advancement, we started thinking of undertaking some business, because our incomes were not satisfactory. When I saw prices of the similar furniture abroad, I asked myself why similar product was not manufactured in Georgia. This product is very expensive abroad. We managed to manufacture these products at the price that would not make Georgia consumers discontent. Initially, we started business with our own capital, however, higher budget was required for the idea implementation and therefore we applied to the Partnership Fund.
Since a majority of new apartments are adapted to solvency of our population and small apartments are sold mainly, similar furniture is in-demand product. I live in 30 square meter space and I know needs of people living in apartments.

We frequently hear arguments – I cannot valuably host a guest, as I would do in a big house. Consequently, similar furniture is in-demand product and they enables consumers to respectively host guests and live in a valuable apartments, despite the size of space.

Moreover, we also help consumers in valuable and correct perception of furniture, that is, how to use furniture.