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SOCAR succeeded logo and launches updated petrol stations in Ukraine

Continuing the rebranding of all enterprises of SOCAR in Azerbaijan and abroad, the company is launching in Ukraine the petrol stations with a new logo.

The innovated version of the logo including a symbol of fire, which occupies an important place in Azerbaijani culture, and in the logo repeat the color of the State Flag of Azerbaijan and also present their country in the international arena.

In Ukraine, the first petrol stations  with a new logo SOCAR launched in Odessa.It was 14th filling complex of SOCAR in the Odessa region and the 51st in Ukraine.

Refueling complex is located in a large industrial district of Odessa “Peresyp” where located  factories, warehouses and fleets of various enterprises.

At this petrol station area of 1074 m² for the issue of fuel customers are eight fuel-dispensers. At the same time there can refuel sixteen cars.

This filling complex was designed and built taking into account the location of its units. For the convenience of guests there are always available: free tire inflation and the bay water in the tank washer, carwash, wi-fi, charging cell phones, business corner, WC for disabled, changing stliki for children.

Traditionally, on the refueling complex works Buta Café and spacious shop with the expanded assortment of related products.