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Share your Success Story – Business Awards 2017 Begins

#ShareYourSuccessStory is a slogan for the largest scale business awards ceremony in Georgia organized by TBC bank and Geocell for the second time. Press conference concerning this issue took place at TBC bank head office.

The aim of Business Awards is to promote new business ideas and support the development of businesses which are already launched. The main slogan of the ceremony is “ShareYourSuccess” and organizers enable participant companies to share their success stories with the whole country via social networks and media.

This year, the main focus is on business corporate social responsibility because in a modern world, a successful business means doing something interesting and beneficial along with financial results. Therefore, the projects which were implemented in the frame of CSR by companies were delivered to public with an interesting format.

Companies can participate in the following nominations:

  • Innovative business of the year
  • Tourism business of the year
  • Agro business of the year
  • Georgian product of the year
  • Small business of the year
  • Business of the year
  • Startuper of the year


In addition, with the support of Geocell along with innovative business nomination, special communication will be created for the social factories throughout the country.

You can register online at www.businessaward.ge. If the participant companies are willing so, they can represent themselves and deliver information to the public concerning projects implemented in the frame of their corporate social responsibility.

The winners will be revealed by the jury which will include professionals from different fields. The identity of jury members will be secret until the end of the awards ceremony. Each member of the jury will independently estimate participant companies and gives them points. There will be following criteria:

  • A potential of a certain material or non-material benefit for society
  • Service development of innovative products
  • Positive impact on business and social environment
  • Focus on growth and development
  • Initiative,which will increase an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Establishment of new tenders in society

Jury will nominate all winners, except Startuper of the year, because in this nomination, the winner will be revealed based on general voting principle.

All companies can participate in the business awards. The only condition is that the company should be registered until 2016 and as for the nomination of Startuper of the year; the company shouldn’t be registered until 2015. In the nomination Startuper of the year and Small Business of the year, company annual sales shouldn’t exceed 50 000 GEL. These rules don’t apply to the nomination Innovative business of the year.

Companies which work in bank and financial field, consultation, auditory and notary service, gambling business, tobacco production and realization will not be allowed to participate in the awards ceremony.

Project supporters are “Produce in Georgia” and EFSE (European Fund for SouthEast Europe).

In 2016, 523 companies took part in Business awards ceremony. Jury revealed the winners at the end of the event. However, before the ceremony, Geocell and TBC bank implemented marketing and PR campaign for few months. As a result, more than a million people heard about the campaign via social network.