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Second Cup Canadian Coffee Network Enters Georgian Market

Second Cup, a Canadian coffee network, has entered Georgian market. The company has already opened two cafes in Tbilisi.

The company representative Avto Shavishvili told Business Course that the cafe offers a wide assortment of coffee and tea to clients and this is the company’s key direction. In addition, the network offers confectioneries and sandwiches.

“We work in the segment, where Starbucks operates too. We are direct competitors for them. This brand has not entered Georgia yet, however, they will accelerate the process after learn Second Cup has entered Georgia”, the company representative noted. 

The network will open 10 other cafes in Tbilisi for 8 years and invest more than 1mln USD in the business. 

“The brand follows a different strategy. It has entered Asia and Near East countries, after Canada and gives priority to eastern countries, including Georgia. Tourism sector growth was one of the factors for entering Georgia, because the very tourism sector is one of the major segments for this network. They also pay attention to economic growth indicators. This factor has made influence on their decision on opening a franchise in Georgia”, Avto Shavishvili noted.