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Robert Tronvec: Digital Transformation Changed Business Operation, Including in Georgia

Microsoft held its largest event of the year so far: “Explore Digital Transformation World.”

Business leaders and IT department representatives participated in the digital evolution forum. Meetings held simultaneously were dedicated to such important topics as cloud technologies, digital transformation, innovative solutions for social network management and virtual chatboxes.

“Digital transformation has changed the ways of business operation and in this respect Georgia is not very different from the other countries of the region,” said Robert Tronvec. He discussed characteristics of the Georgian market, specifics Microsoft sees in the country:

“Each market has its own characteristics, but the priorities are everywhere: Implementing IT solutions that help people and organizations achieve more. Of course, these decisions are at the same time safe. Microsoft is working with all industry users to help them convert to digital companies and accelerate this conversion. All organizations need different [amounts of] time for transformation, but there are four common elements that all refer to – providing clients with more affordable quality services, strengthening the power of employees, renewed products and service transformations. This is the foundation for building digital transformation.

We pay special attention to the security of the data of users. Our leading principle is simple: we believe that user data belongs to only customers. We take seriously our commitment to protect customer data, protect their rights to make a decision on these data by themselves.”

Does the introduction of digital technologies give Georgia a chance to become a competitive global market?

“Implementation of public policy provides the basis for new innovations, job creation and sustainable economic growth. Microsoft is obliged to provide innovations and promote its development with technological solutions. We are obliged to work together with the state. I think business leaders should create and process strategies for the digital economy. This demands readiness, risk taking, resources financing and technology investing. You know that this is not just about technology. The approach, partnership and flexibility of our business directly respond to the needs of our customers. Digital transformation has changed the ways of business operation and Georgia is not different from other countries of the region. Accordingly, Georgia as a region really has a chance to become a competitive global market.”

In closing, what are the advantages of digitalisation of the financial sector?

“Every company becomes a digital company. The technical advantage is an integral part of the survival of today’s financial services market. Business leaders, new clients and markets want to create new products and services, they want to completely change the business and people’s work. They want to have a better way of thinking, quick-going, finding better ways to communicate and cooperate. It is important that financial institutions need to do all this.”


Financial service customers choose Microsoft for digital transformation to compete with traditional and non-traditional players and manage their data.