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“Rixos Borjomi” has a New General Director

Rixo Borjomi has a new general director.  According to member of hotel supervisory council, Shalva Alaverdashvili, a new general director is from the US.  There has not been other kind of changes in the management or in a hotel staff.

There has been a new management structure organized in “Rixos Borjomi”, which meant to form a new supervisory council.  It consists of employees from both, Georgian and Kazakhstan side.

Few months ago, Turkish management was changed in “Rixos Borjomi”. The general director and 10-12 other employees were dismissed.

Five Star Hotel complex “Rixos Borjomi” was built with the common investment of Partnership Fund and Kazakhstan company “KazMunaiGas”. The cost of the project amounts to 48 million USD.