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Revenues from Visiting Rabat Fortress Increased this Year

Revenues from visiting Rabat fortress increased by  GEL47 000 this year. CBW was informed by Ilya Sidamonidze, acting Director at Rabat fortress complex. Sidamonidze considers a summer season successful and says that they are satisfied with the number of tourists.

He says  that although the number of visitors has reduced by about 2 000 people compared to last year, revenues still increased by GEL 47  000 and  amounted to  GEL 410 000. He explains this  by an increased age of visitors- if last year mostly children visited the complex, this year the adult has prevailed.

In Ilya Sidamonidze’s words, Georgian visitors have become  more active, but there are many foreigners.

“A  bar, restaurant and “Kakhetian  traditional winemaking” store opened this year. There is  an exceptional purity and beauty in the territory of the fortress and visitors are very satisfied with the local surroundings”, Sidamonidze notes.

He adds that  the tourists inflow in the winter season reduces and the complex management plans to carry out marketing campaigns to improve the situation. At this point, the hotel and restaurant “Gino wellness”, restaurant “Rabati”, the bar “Golden Time”, an open bar in the  terrace, shop “Meskhetian brand” and the wine shop “Kakhetian traditional winemaking” are functioning on the territory of  the fortress. A  conference hall for 120 people  is placed in the highest tower of the complex Citadel.