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Regus to Open New Office in Georgia at Business Center BCV

Regus, the world’s office service provider, successfully assesses the first year of operation  and opens a new business center.

After Tabidze 1, the Regus business center will be located on Vazha Pshavela, at BCV. Regional Manager of the company, Rusudan Chakvetadze, speaks about Regus local market development at Property Georgia.

Property Georgia

”The main standard of Regus is to choose the best location in the city. Our offices are maximally customized for business people and it is felt in every detail. The building where Regus is presented should be conformed to the established Western standards: safety, technical characteristics, location and more.

With all this commitment to the comfort of the business we add the best service, the administrative team of professionals and the possibility of using a unique global network. Vazha Pshavela Center is an example of the expansion of this network and our another location in Tbilisi.

Property Georgia

Regus is designed for everyone. Business people, for whom prestige is important, choose relatively expensive centers in the center of the city, close to the best hotels, cafes and restaurants. This is the Freedom Square in Tbilisi and our first center was opened here.

Saburtalo is the best location for business, a large part of the population lives here and the office is close to their homes. At the same time prices on the Saburtalo are much lower, but we have one standard in every center of the world.

I can say that prices are halved there and the Regus is no longer positioned as a luxury business center. We also took into consideration the demand of consumers and set up a large business lounge, co-working space.