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Mikheil Batiashvili

Rector Mikheil Batiashvili from BTU on Using Tools of the Future

Silicon Valley Tbilisi is the first private high-tech center that combines a business and technology university with multi-million international employment platforms, a business incubator and accelerator, tech hubs, an IT Academy, and above all, carries out projects that enhance awareness of the country worldwide and demonstrate potential on global markets.

BTU Rector Mikheil Batiashvili discussed current projects with CBW:

The launch of the best Swiss University ‘’Les Roches’’ is the first of its kind in Georgia to get such high-level education, what kind of opportunities does it give students?

Programme that Les Roches implements in Georgia is called: Executive Program in International Hotel Management. Students will get ‘’Les Roches’’ diploma, which is the highest level in this field. This is the first precedent not only in Georgia but in the region. We want to make Georgia a hub, where people will arrive from neighboring, eastern or any countries to get high-level education. This action will positively affect tourism development as well. Besides, it enables locals not to leave the country in order to get well-educated, and have access to programmes on BTU base.

One-year course is an analogue of programme in Switzerland, covering both theoretical, as well as practical, works. Along with tourism growth, it’s important to be ready for such positive change; train adequate, eligible, qualified staff for this sector, both middle and high; and maintain development and sustainability.

What are the projects underway in the direction of implementing Blockchain technologies in Georgia?

Emercoin-Bitcoin pilot project was created for Business and Technology University, and it will be available for other educational centers too. Students will be able to store their diplomas and other documents safely online.

Bill Tai’s visit for public lecture and signing the contract was very important for us! He is one of the most famous venture capitalist and investor of Silicon Valley.

We managed to use such perspective technology, the future tool, as it’s called “new internet” and it’s rapidly developing. With the help of company “Bitfury,” we happened to be one of the first universities to launch such innovative technology. We are planning to take it to different levels and directions, where diplomas, certificates issued by us will stored to the safest platform. This is just one part of this direction and we are planning to meet experts for further development and to take more benefits out of it.

You’ve signed a memorandum with ‘’Microsoft’’ as well, what directions does this agreement cover?

After signing the memorandum with “Microsoft,” company’s representatives visited BTU to discuss the stages of the project implementation and detailed plans with specialists.

We want to make the search process of business easy and convenient. The Digital Silk Road project aims to make Georgia a modern silk road epicenter, and accelerate the development of the country in a digital direction in order to become a regional leader and a major player in the field of electronic trade technologies. The project will also assist in the development of innovative ideas in computer science and IT, as well as help business personnel, students, and business startups.

We will be ready to launch the digital Silk Road joint-trading platform very soon.

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