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Puma and Nike Factory Opens in Poti

A new garment factory of “Adjara Textile” will be opened tomorrow in Poti, where 3 thousand people will be employed. As the financial director of “Adjara Textile” Gia Lominadze, 40 million GEL of Turkish investment will be allocated.

The famous brands like: ” Puma “,” Nike “,” New Balance “and” Underarmer” will be made there, namely football t-shirts and shorts. The factory will make 10 million units per year.

At the first stage, 1500 people will be employed, after the second stage of the construction of the factory, which is planned in 2019, their number will increase up to 3000, “said Gia Lominadze.

“Adjara Textile” has been operating in the Georgian market since 2008, it already owns two enterprises in Batumi and Poti, and the Poti Sewing Factory will be the third company.