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Professionalism is the Main Know-How

Foreign Investments are the important factors for the economic stability of the country. Accordingly, the major task of governments of all countries represents the implementation of such conditions in the country, which will later on attract the attention of many foreign investments.

For the investors issues such as legislative base, security level, criminal situation, the high quality of protection of property rights, independence of the court and the media, political stability and etc. are the most important factors.  Although, providence of all above mentioned items, does not automatically mean flow of investors and investments.

Georgia has great potential in the field of Agriculture. Many areas are free and need to be assimilated. Therefore, the interests of Investors in this direction are quite high, although they have to overcome many obstacles.  Some of them just give up and go back, others keep fighting and successfully implement their investments. Lots of investments have been fulfilled in Georgian agricultural areas and nowadays these businesses are successfully operating on Georgian market.

We interviewed Mr. Irakli Chikava, the Commercial Director of agro consulting company, “Agro Solutions”, concerning the foreign investments in the field of Agriculture.

– How high is the interest of Investors in implementation of  investments  in Georgian agribusiness? And in which directions are the basic requirements?

– The interest is high, as in agricultural sector of our country there are quite lot opportunities of investment in various directions.  In Georgia the agricultural sector is just now developing and taking its first steps Accordingly, the correctly implemented investment in any direction will be successful. The country has a great potential of export and unfortunately, we still significantly depend on import. The basic interests of Investors are towards the direction of livestock, perennial crops and processing industries.

– What is the most important for Investor, when he desires to invest in the specific country?

– Besides the poitical stabaility and safety of the country, submission of accurate information to the Investor is essentialy important. Knowledge of positive as well as negative sides of specific issue is vital for the Investor. Unfortunately, there are frequent cases, when the wrong information is delivered to the Investor.

– Who delivers the information to the Investor and what is the reason of submission of such kind of wrong information?

– When the Investor is interested in investment in the specific country, he looks for the concrete entity or the company, who is aware in this field and gets consultations through them.  Searching for such physical and legal entities is executed in different ways, including personal contacts, advices from others and etc. The purpose of delivery of wrong information is the desire of receiving non-recurrent expenditure.

– What is the policy of Agro Solution towards the Investors?

– Agro Solutions  has already  been on the market for 2 years and has established rather large  experience in dealing with Investors. We are carrying out many current projects. In general, the competency of consulting company is expressed in long-term relationships. If the entity continues the cooperation with you and concludes the long-term contracts, it means that he trusts you, it shows that your approach succeeds, your consultation is correct and the client  gets the good result.

– What exactly is the main know-how of your company in the policy of dealing with investors?

– The principal thing is to be fair at all levels, to cooperate with any customer for the farther  relations and to have the team of professionals. You have to be in constant process of learning. New technologies are developing every day, new opportunities are emerging on a daily basis, and you must keep pace to them. The Professionalism, this is in the basic know-how. If you are not qualified, you are not able to give anybody any kind of advice. It is as simple as that and it is the same in all business.