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Potato International Center Representative Opened in Georgia

The opening ceremony of Georgian Potato International Center was held in Tbilisi. The Center’s representatives plan to introduce innovative technologies for potato care and import new perspective varieties.

the Leader of Regional Center of the Potato International Center in Central Asia and Caucasus, Rusudan Mdivani, talked about the importance of representation.

“Cooperation gives us the opportunity to have more access to the world’s achievements in the agricultural sector, innovations and modern technologies for the care of potato that we naturally will sustain in Georgia” – Deputy Minister of Agriculture Yuri Nozadze speaks about prospects of cooperation. 

“Potato, as well as wine, is part of Georgia’s great culture. The representative of the International Center of Potato will become the regional office of the Center, from which the Central Asia and the Caucasus countries will be covered. The organization will promote development of the sector not only in Georgia, but in all the regions, “- says the Chief Operating Officer of the Potato International Center Michael Gerba.

International Center for Potato represents an Agricultural Consulting International Counseling Group (CGIAR), which was founded in 1971 by its initiative. The mission of the International Center for Potato is to cooperate with partners in achieving food safety, helping the needy population and protecting gender equality through the development and implementation of agricultural research and innovation.