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Pokany Jewelry Workshop to Enter European Market

Pokany jewelry workshop plans to unveil branches in foreign countries. The company founder David Kakabadze told the Commersant that Pokany is developing various directions and further details will be unveiled in the course of time.

The company maintains stability in operation and plans expansion in both Georgia and abroad. Namely, Pokany plans to open stores in the neighboring countries and Europe.

It has set up close partnership with international partners and receives orders for various works, David Kakabadze noted. As to cooperation with famous brands, this is not a simple process and the company continues working on these issue, he added.

Pokany has been conducting negotiations with Italian jewelry brand of BUCCELLATI, wristwatch manufacturer Robert & Fils and Zannetti, phone manufacturer VERTU on developing exclusive products and models for several years.

The Pokany founder also overviews the current economic situation and the GEL exchange rate influences. These tendencies have affected the sales, David Kakabadze noted, but refrained to name specific indicators.

As to the pricing for jewelry works, the company makes products for both high-income and average-income segments and despite the currency exchange volatility, the company permanently tries to lower prices, David Kakabadze said.

Founded in 1999 Pokany unveiled the first store in 2005 in the Bambis Rigi street. Pokany works are beautified by ancient Georgian ornaments. The company specialists use ornaments of the artifacts unearthed during archeological excavations.