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Philippines – Georgia Friendship Mini‐Park Park to be Inaugurated in Tbilisi Zoo

Philippines – Georgia Friendship Mini‐Park Park to be Inaugurated in Tbilisi Zoo

The Philippines – Georgia Friendship Mini‐Park will be inaugurated on June 1 st , International Children’s day.

The project is being funded by Batumi International Container Terminal LLC (BICT), the Philippines’ largest investor in Georgia and the operator of the container terminal of the port of Batumi.

BICT is a wholly‐owned subsidiary of Philippine multinational company International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI).

The Philippines – Georgia Friendship Mini‐Park, an initiative of Honorary Georgian Consul Thelmo Cunanan and Tbilisi Zoo Director Zurab Gurielidze, is the first park that will officially celebrate Georgia’s friendship with another country.

It will contain eco‐friendly structures such as wooden houses, mazes, slides, benches and tables that will provide leisure, fun, and enjoyment for families who visit Tbilisi Zoo.

“This mini-park is very special. It is a symbol of the rebirth of Tbilisi Zoo after the devastating flood that hit the capital last June and caused massive damage to the zoo,” said Tbilisi Zoo public relations and media manager Mzia Sharashidze.

“We are very grateful to your friends in the Philippines for their friendship and this special gift, which Georgian families will enjoy for years to come.”

“We have worked very hard to develop relations between the Philippines and Georgia. This park symbolizes the strong ties of friendship that bind our two countries. BICT, and its parent ICTSI, are world‐class companies. BICT has been doing an excellent job in Batumi. This is a special gift to Georgia from the Philippines,” said Consul Cunanan.

For their parts, Honorary Philippine Consul General Teimuraz Chichinadze and Director Gurielidze expressed their support for the project. “As a Georgian, it has been an honor to serve the Philippines and Filipino people,” said Consul General Chichinadze.

“I am very proud and happy about Consul Cunanan’s and Director Gurielidze’s initiative to build this park. We will support this 100%.” Director Gurielidze, likewise, expressed elation. “It is a challenge to develop Tbilisi Zoo. We have worked for many years to give Georgians a wonderful place to learn about wildlife and enjoy this with their families,” he said.

“I am so happy that our brothers and sisters from the Philippines have reached out to us with this beautiful gesture. I am very touched. God bless the Philippines. God bless Georgia.” Aside from the mini‐park, Consul Cunanan and Director Gurielidze are also working on the Philippines’ donation to Georgia of two reticulated pythons. The reptiles, the first Philippines species to be included in the zoo’s collection, are expected to arrive in Georgia later this year. Consul Cunanan is also working with his partners in South Africa to secure wildlife donations for Tbilisi Zoo.