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Parliament Working on a Revision of the Terms of Tax Audits and Litigation

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee of the Parliament of Georgia Nodar Ebanoidze, he intends to initiate review of changes in legislation in matters relating to the timing of tax audits and litigation.

The other day, a representatives of the Business Association Zurab Lalazashvili said that tax audits in companies had increased recently and in general the approach to this issue needs to be changed.

Nodar Ebanoidze confirmed the existence of such a problem.

“Long-term checking is very bad for business. Checks usually break business out of the rut. And this is despite the fact that in recent years the tax authorities are trying as much as possible not to harm the business. In any case, if not to talk about the rest, there is a common psychological moment – when there is a check, no one knows its result. Especially in a situation when our legislation allows certain interpretations. Regarding temporary factors, the problem exists, especially as regards litigation sometimes delayed for years. One reason for this is the lack of staff in the Revenue Service, “- the MP notes.

A presence of the problem is confirmed by representatives of the business.

In particular, representatives of the mobile operator “Geocell” claim that the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance keeps a check since February 2014, but it is not yet completed.

“We are a large international company that operates transparently and in accordance with the standards of business ethics. We have no reason to hide income, and we are one of the largest taxpayers in the country. We always have been keeping a record of all of our operations with participation of leading accounting firms. We will take all legal measures to protect our interests,”- say in “Geocell “.

The company outdoor.ge says that the Finance Ministry’s Investigation Service has been working in their company  since February.

We have no obstacles in the work, but in any case, financial checks create certain difficulties. We do not know when l the checking is completed, but it would be nice if it happened as soon as possible,”- the company states.