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Outdoor.ge: Revenues in Advertising Business Shrank by 35%

Over the past years, the December of 2016  recorded  major contraction in revenues in advertising business by about 30-35%, Konstantine Chavchanidze, director general for Outdoor.ge advertising company noted.

“I have been operating in this business for 7 years and the month of December is considered the best period for our business. In this month the business sector receives orders and advertisements, but this year we had the worst December. We hope GEL exchange rate will get stabilized, in other case we will fall in very bad situation”, Chavchanidze said.

Major contraction was recorded in October-November after pre-election orders were suspended, he added.

“I think this contraction was caused by GEL exchange rate depreciation. There is heavy situation on advertising market. Economic difficulties hit our market first of all, because  companies cut expenditures in this direction, first of all”, Chavchanidze noted.