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Outdoor Advertising Leader Losing Main Customers

Problems faced by outdoor advertising business in Tbilisi  are further aggravated. CBW covered  this topic a few months ago.

Then outdoor advertising companies complained about slimmed-down orders. Today they say that the situation is even more complicated because of the problems faced by large client companies.

In particular, this assessment was made by Outdoor.ge,  the  largest outdoor advertising company. The company’s Director Konstantine  Chavchanidze says that compared with the same period last year,  the company’s sales decreased by 25-30 percent due to the unstable economic situation in the country.

In Chavchanidze’s words, among the company’s main customers are cigarette manufacturers and gambling companies, however, the current economic environment have created  considerable problems for all of them.

“Casino “Adjara” was  one of the main clients but now it is facing  the serious problems,” Chavchanidze notes.

According to him, large companies cut costs and consider advertising expenditure a luxury. A similar situation is in the medium and small companies. The company continues to work as usual in the market and hopes that the situation will change for the better.

T & M company is also operating in the outdoor market. Tamaz Gogoladze, the  company’s representative, notes  that the sales decreased compared with the same period last year. Gogoladze doesn’t specify the reasons of the reduction, however, hopes that in the future the situation will improve.

Advertising business began to speak about sales decline in May. Then market players hoped that the situation will be remedied in the summer period.